Project Description

I completely recreated the One Stop Home Solutions website in the second quarter of 2017. The website needed optimizations ranging from SEO to image size reduction. On top of this the site needed a complete overhaul to its content, design and structure.

Project Details

Client Trevor White
Contact 705-887-1414

Skills Programming, Web Design

The Challenge

As previously mentioned the original website had plenty of optimization issues. Pages were exceptionally slow to load, even more so on mobile, largely from images averaging around 15MB each. There was too much content being crammed into pages which was an issue for SEO. And lastly the site had strange re-stacking orders on mobile, which significantly decreased readability.

The Solution

I went through and optimized every image that was going to be uploaded and reduced the average file size of 15MB to 500KB (97% size reduction), on top of this I also gave every image a proper name. I made content pages with specific keywords in mind for SEO, which drastically increased visibility of the site.

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