About Me

Mobile First Developer

I understand that mobile devices dominate the market, because of this I always develop my websites with mobile in mind.

Forward Thinking

I am always thinking a step ahead!

Problem Solver

I am a strong problem solver and critical thinker.

Customer Support

I have great people skills, and I am extremely friendly. I have experience with customer support and tutoring.

My Story

I am a young and hardworking individual with many aspirations. I have a strong background with computer programming, computer hardware and audio equipment. I started programming in Java nearly 11 years ago, this was also when I realized I’d like to pursue a career in computer programming. Since then I’ve learned over 10 more languages including C#, Python, Visual Basic, MEL, and SQL. In my junior and senior years of high school I achieved 92% and 98% respectively in computer programming.

  • Frontend Development 80%
  • Backend Development 100%
  • Computer Hardware 100%
  • Customer Happiness 95%

Get In Touch

Interested in working with me? You can contact me by Email, Phone or on Skype!